Heirs of Pomor Craftsmen

This exhibition was initiated by the Kirillov District Administration which cooperated with the Administration of Archangelsk within the framework of the joint project “Preservation, development of folk culture of the Russian North”. Residents of the Kirillov district can learn a lot from the inhabitants of Archangelsk. The Children’s school of folk crafts was opened in this northern city in 1990. It is a state institution of additional education, the first in Russia which specializes in the advanced study of traditional folk art. Its founder and head is Vladimir Burchevsky, People’s Master of Russia, Honoured Art Worker, laureate of the Russian President’s Award in the sphere of education, recipient of the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland (2nd class). He is a tireless enthusiast and a very talented person.

Over 600 people attend the school and its branches every year. The Children’s school of folk crafts has11 creative workshops and branches in 10 districts of the Archangelsk region. The 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Burchevsky School (as it was called) was celebrated in 2010. Many pupils became teachers of this institution and were awarded the title of People’s Master of Russia within these years.

Teachers and pupils of the school participate and take the first places at many festivals, fairs and exhibitions not only in Russia, but also in the near abroad and far-abroad countries.

Residents and guests of Kirillov also got a chance to familiarize themselves with their creative activity.

The exhibition was housed in two halls on the ground floor of the Refectory. It presented traditional crafts of the Russian North: artistic wood carving and painting on wood, birth bark weaving and making articles with the use of roots, bone carving, patchwork, Northern embroidery, crocheting, Northern weaving, ornamental knitting, Kargopol toys. In all, there were 270 exhibits made not only in accordance with the historically formed artistic peculiarities and traditional techniques, but also with modern aesthetic requirements.

Visiting the exhibition “Heirs of Pomor Craftsmen”, guests could see a small film or a presentation about this school of crafts and then admire real works of art created by children and their teachers. High quality of the displayed articles, artistic craftsmanship and the fact that most of the makers were under 20 boggled the imagination.

The oeuvres of the inhabitants of Archangelsk are original and attractive. You want to hold them and warm yourself with their positive energy. Having visited this exhibition, you agree with the lines from the book written by Vladimir Burchevsky: “How wise the old craftsmen were when they taught me – learn and realize until it’s late that the craft is not a burden. Now I tell my pupils that if you can do something worthwhile, you won’t fail. It will always help you, help to survive and warm your soul...” 

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