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Boys and girls of different age could participate in the contest, creating drawings in various techniques. To determine the winners, all contestants were divided into three age groups: children aged 5 to 7, children aged 8 to 11, children aged 11 and older.

Pupils of town and district schools presented 27 works for the contest. Three works were made in the first age group. Alexey Bibiksarov, pupil of the Ferapontovo school, became the winner in it. Pupils of the same school Alexandra Orekhova and Karina Borodulina were awarded the 2nd and the 3rd degree diplomas respectively.

Nobody made drawings in the second age group.

Syuzanna Barishpolets (the Alyoshino school) was recognized as the best in the category of participants aged 11 and older. Kirill Shcherbakov, pupil of the Goritsy school, was given the 2nd degree diploma. Nikita Sobolev (the Goritsy school), Anna Mochalova (the Kirillov school) and Anastasia Popova (the Alyoshino school) shared the third place.

We thank all children who participated in the contest and wish them further success!

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