“Graphic Arts of Our Time” From the Collection of Mikhail and Galina Krasilins

The basis of the collection of M. and G. Krasilins was laid in the early 1970s. They started to collect works of artists because of their professional activity. Their interest in today’s art was provoked with absence of permanent museum expositions (except the Tretyakov Gallery) to some extent. The collectors gave preference, first of all, to the values of the work itself irrespective of its belonging to this or that stylistic trend. Their collection contain transparent pastels of Lyudmila Nikitina, ascetic constructions of Andrey Krasulin, “gorodets fantasies” of Yevgeny Rastorguev, eschatological images of Nikolay Nasedkin, “Neobarocco” of Viktor Kalinin, metaphysical visions of Boris Mikhaylov, spontaneous expressions of Anatoly Slepyshev. It also includes a lot of drawings. If paintings have already been exhibited many times (in the New Hermitage - One Art Gallery in 2003-2004; in the Yaroslavl Art Museum in 2004; in the editorial office of the magazine “Nashe Naslediye” in 2005; in the Arkhangelskoye estate in 2008), drawings, water-colours, gouache paintings, pastels will be displayed for the first time. Along with chamber works of N. Andronova, N. Yegorshina, A. Kamensky, G. Yegoshin, E. Grigorieva, people will be able to get acquainted with interesting pictures of little known masters (N. Belavin, V. Preobrazhenskaya). You can see works of the painters more or less connected with the State Research Institute of Restoration among them (I. Gorin, Y. Yegorov, Y. Yorsh).

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