Kirillo-Belozersky Siege

Over four hundred years have passed since the important historical event - the siege of the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery by the Polish-Lithuanian invaders. As is well-known, the monastery defence was as strong as the walls of the cloister and the enemy attack was repulsed.

At present we have a chance to see the event that occurred in the 17th century with our own eyes.

The traditional festival of historical reenactment “Kirillo-Belozersky Siege” has been staged in the museum in early summer during several years. Clubs of different cities of Russia take part in it. They represent Moscow, Tula, Kaluga, Yelets, Voronezh, Saransk, Ivanovo, Belgorod, and Cherepovets. This festival is one of the most spectacular summer events in Kirillov.

The large-scale event taking place in the museum during two days attracts thousands of visitors. Local residents and tourists have a wonderful opportunity to get to the interesting historical epoch – the Time of Troubles – for several hours.

The festival culminates in the reenactment of the monastery defence against the Polish-Lithuanian invaders. Besides, people can see a field battle in which infantry, artillery and cavalry are used. But service in the Russian army of the 17th century didn’t mean participation only in military actions, but also in various contests. Equestrian tournaments are the most spectacular among them, we can often see them in the historical films. They are also organized within the framework of the festival.

Spectators can watch everything standing near the monastery fortifications or ascending them. The program of the festival also includes a historical fair, medieval amusements and games, a parade and introduction of the clubs participating in the event, archery and equestrian tournaments.

The displayed photos presented the most interesting moments of the festivals. People who whom it is not just a holiday, but a part of life, their hobby, get into characters like actors in the films or theatre. It gives a chance to get to the atmosphere of that epoch when the events occurred.

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