I Will Paint Everything Around!

Kids of preschool and school age participated in this event. Children of kindergartens and pupils going to schools of Kirillov and the Kirillov district sent 137 works for the contest. 19 drawings were created by pupils of the fine arts studio “Tchereda”. It works in the Museum of Dionisy’s Frescoes under the direction of O.V. Silina.

85 works painted in different techniques were chosen for the exhibition. Participants of the contest used pencils, paints, soft-tip pens and crayons.

Children depicted nature of the Russian North, monuments of history and architecture of our region.

On visiting the display, people were able to see familiar landscapes in which young artists depicted the world around them, their pets, animals and birds inhabiting our forests.

We thank teachers supervising the contestants’ work, employees of the National Park “Russian North” for an opportunity to stage an exhibition in the museum. It was interesting not only for the participants of the contest, but for all children who liked and appreciated the world around.

Visitors of the museum were able to see the display from March 22 to April 22, 2013.

Winners of the contest were awarded in the conference hall of the museum on April 6.

I.A. Gostinshchikova, research officer of the Exposition and Exhibition Department

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