Birds of the National Park “Russian North”

The wildlife of the Earth is rich and diverse. Its representatives live in all natural formations of the planet – water, soil, mountains and atmosphere. But the only representatives of the animal world that acclimatized themselves to all these components taken together are birds. During millions of years, they live as free travellers regardless of the borders of countries and continents. Their migration is determined only by their life cycle, climatic conditions of the geographical zones and the change of the seasons. Covering great distances between continents and oceans, the birds don’t belong to any state or nation. They are the common natural heritage of the planet.

Only a small part of the birds inhabiting our region that numbered 210 species was presented at the exhibition. It was important that the birds – both common and rare which were registered in the Red Data Book – were displayed in their natural habitat. Such photographs are a great piece of luck. They show laborious work of the makers. These photos had already been exhibited in the Kichgorodetsky, the Belozersk, and the Nikolsk districts of the region, and in the Vologda State Museum-Preserve in 2012. We hope the display was also interesting for residents and guests of Kirillov.

Alexey Kuznetsov, director of the National Park “Russian North”

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