Yuri Korobov. Painting

Yuri Sergeevich Korobov

Painter, master of decorative and applied arts

Member of the Union of Russian Artists since 1989.

Participant of regional, interregional, All-Russian art exhibitions since 1975.

Member of the Creative and Exhibition Union of Vologda’s artists “Rainbow” since 1995.

Laureate of the Vologda Komsomol Award named after A.Y. Yashin in 1989.

In 2002, he was awarded the decoration of the Ministry of Culture of Russia “For Achievements in the Sphere of Culture”.

In 2006, he was awarded the diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.

In 2006, he was awarded the Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.

In 2008, he was given the title of the Honoured Artist of Russia for merits in the sphere of fine arts according to the decree of the Russian President.

In 2012, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Union of Russian Artists “Spirituality, Traditions, Mastery”.

The works of Yuri Korobov are kept in the collections of Russian museums in Vologda, Cherepovets, Murmansk, Ustyuzhna, Belozersk, Vytegra and other cities; in the collection of the Directorate of Exhibitions of the Union of Russian Artists, the Museum of Modern Landscape in Plyos, the Russian Academy of Arts and the Ministry of Culture of the RF; and in private collections in Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Serbia, the USA and Taiwan.

The artist paints in oils working in the genres of narrative, landscape, still life.

His one-man exhibition in the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum-Reserve presented 56 works.

Yuri Korobov is one of the most fruitfully working artists of the Vologda region. He has his own plastic language and individual interpretation of any chosen subject. Starting from the first years of his creative activity, he always sets himself, first of all, pictorial tasks combining the strength of colour with the depth of narrative and deep philosophic content in his pictures (“Give me Your Blessing. St. Kirill Belozersky” (1996-1997), “St. Gerasimus” (1998), “St. Nil Sorsky” (2005-2009), “Holy Place” (2012), “Ode to Dionisy” (2002). He often turns to large image and subject cycles that reveal the facets of his understanding of life, nature and man. Vologda’s artist Genrih Asafov noted particular beauty and a high level of culture in his works. The colour and texture of paints in his pictures together with refined delicacy of pictorial vision actively influence spectators’ feelings and emotions. Observations of the world around him are one of the most important sources of inspiration for Yuri Korobov. The native nature was and is the main object of creative inspiration for the painter. He reveals its image both in classical still lifes and landscapes with soft and flickering rises or bright and intense in sounding sunsets, presented at the exhibition: “Autumn Chords” (2013), “Cloud” (2014), “September – Berry-Picker” (2008), “Sunset at Onego” (2013), “Before the Storm” (2001). Spring and summer, autumn and winter have their particular colours, breathing, rhythm, and melody that remain in his canvases forever. First these are sketches painted in the open air in which he depicts his fresh impressions of what he has seen. Later in the workshop, reconsidering and deepening his observations, he gradually builds and creates his recognizable image of the Russian North. Yuri Korobov travelled a lot in the region and in the North and it was reflected in the series of pictures: “Sleeping Village” (2004), “March in Ust-Pelenga” (2003), “Veliky Ustiug” (2006), “On the Vychegda River” (2006), “Domes of Kirillov” (2008), “Haymaking” (2009), “Topornya” (2012), “Undozersky Pogost” (2012), “Onega Stones” (2013), “Ezhozero” (2009), “Mushevitsy on Lukhtozero” (2009), “Rime of Ferapontovo” (2014), “Winter Night. Goritsy” (2014).

The artist has his own style and manner; nevertheless, he is a successor of the traditions of the Russian painting school.

Yuri Korobov is one of those painters of Vologda the exhibitions of whom art lovers look forward to.

L.M. Kharlapenkova, research officer of the Exposition and Exhibition Department

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