Kirillo-Belzersky Siege (in memory of Sergey Udod)

The 21st century. There was a deafening sound of cannons, clank of steel, lustre of swords, patter of hoofs and horse neigh near the walls of the ancient monastery fortress. Everything mixed in a whirlwind battle – Russian soldiers and Polish warriors, dismounted and mounted. They fought to outrance. A military and historical festival participants of which re-enacted events of the Time of Troubles took place in the museum. But we could see not the setting, but real fortifications and warriors of those times...

Kirillov hosted three similar festivals. Their participants amazed and inspired, reminded of our glorious history. There are people who live in the past or future. But there are other people who introduce this past - heroic and tragic, glorious and hidden - to our present. They were on the field of the battle that had taken place long ago, and were depicted on the photographs in this hall. Among them one could see a handsome man with green eyes like gimlets. Sergey. Sergey Udod. Military and historical festivals started to develop in Kirillov thanks to him. It was he who enriched the life of our town with dramatic unforgettable events. He was a builder by profession. He put his soul into his favourite work. Not only for himself - for everybody. Many festivals along with the one in Kirillov were organized under his direction. Sergey is no more. He died in Kamyanets-Podilsky (Ukraine) in autumn 2011. In the fight. Like a real knight dreams. 

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