The 90th anniversary of the museum foundation was celebrated in 2014. The contest of drawings “I am in the Museum” was held to attract attention of children and youth to history and culture of the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum-Reserve and the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, to bring them up to love their country, to involve them in the problem of preservation of architectural and historical monuments, and to stir up their creative activity.

Boys and girls of pre-school educational institutions from Kirillov, Ivanov Bor and Cherepovets, comprehensive schools of Vologda, Talitsy, and Kirillov, institutions of additional education for children and youth from Cherepovets and Kirillov and the fine arts studio “Tchereda” in the Museum of Dionisy’s Frescoes participated in the contest. They presented 66 works made in various techniques and genres. Using a brush, a pen, a felt-tip pen, or wool, the contestants tried to cover the given topic on paper. The children’s drawings were notable for the variety of subjects: history of the monastery, monuments of history and architecture, architectural and landscape exposition, visits to the museums, exhibits, festivals in the museum and so on. Every work was very interesting in its own way.

Winners were determined in three age groups: participants aged 5 to 9, 9 to 13 and 13 to 20.

Yegor Machulsky attending the Kindergarten ¹ 110 in Cherepovets was named the best among contestants aged 5 to 9. Darina Chashchina representing the fine arts studio “Tchereda” in the Museum of Dionisy’s Frescoes was given the 2nd degree diploma and Anna Blinova from the Kindergarten ¹ 1 in Kirillov was third. Besides, the team work of children aged 5-6 (Kindergarten ¹ 1 in Kirillov) and the drawing of Lisa Popova from the kindergarten in Ivanov Bor were awarded special prizes.

Artyom Osipov (Centre of Children’s Creative Activity in Cherepovets) claimed a win in the second age group. Local pupils Artyom Smirnov and Tatiana Mikhrina placed in second and third respectively. The 3rd-degree diploma was also given to Yulia Moskvina (Centre of Children’s Creative Activity in Kirillov). Semyon Orekhov from the fine arts studio “Tchereda” received a special prize.

Yulia Vasintseva going to the Centre of Children’s Creative Activity in Kirillov was recognized as the winner among contestants over 13. Local pupil Dmitry Tataurov was second. Gennady Strelkov (Talitsy) and Arina Koryagina (Centre of Children’s Creative Activity in Kirillov) shared the third place.

Tatiana Koneva was awarded a special prize and the work of Igor Terebov was named the brightest drawing. Both of them attend the Centre of Children’s Creative Activity in Kirillov.

Anna Sedachyova (Centre of Children’s Creative Activity in Cherepovets) received the prize in the nomination “Best Workmanship”. Matvey Gusev (Talitsy) was given the special prize of the jury.

Along with drawings, the catalogue also presented photographs sent for the contest “I am Against Background of 90”. Lisa Borodulina (Ferapontovo Secondary School) got the 1st degree diploma. Her school-mate Karina Borodulina placed in second. Mikhail Lobovkin was given the 3rd degree diploma.

Museum employees thanked all contestants and their parents for active participation and wished them further success.

They also expressed their special gratitude to the teachers who had sent the works of their pupils for the contest: V.V. Botina (Kindergarten ¹ 1 in Kirillov), M.L. Guseva (Talitsy), O.A. Krupennikova, M.P. Pogorelskaya and Z.K. Ryabkova (Centre of Children’s Creative Activity in Kirillov), D.A. Machulskaya and O.V. Sidorova (Cherepovets), E.N. Medovikova (Kirillov Secondary School), O.V. Silina (Museum of Dionisy’s Frescoes), L.A. Stepanova (Vologda), T.B. Spasova (Ivanov Bor).

Local schoolboy Grigory Yerofeev became the winner of the third contest of video films “World of the Museum”. Mikhail Lobovkin was awarded the 2nd degree diploma and Natalya Yerofeeva, active participant of all museum events and projects, took the third place.

Employees of the Department of Visitor Relations and the Exposition and Exhibition Department made the display of creative works titled “Museum and I” according to the results of the contests. It was open in the Guard-rooms of the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum-Reserve till late November 2014.

N.I. Khrulyova, head of the Museum Children’s Centre

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